On Monday we met the other groups that are in the same program as us in the Basque Country. Galdakao and Nothern Ireland and Getxo and Napoli. At the beginning we were very shy but when the activities began we relaxed.

We were recived in the town hall by the mayor of Portugalete and other important people from the government of the Basque Country. We felt very important and special to be there because some other people wanted to be in this proyect and they couldn’t.

Then, we were the first ones presenting Portugalete and we did a great job but we were super nervous. After hearing all the presentations we did a gymcana but we were a little bit upset because some people did not want to participate and the people from Getxo prepared it.

In the afternoon, it was the best moment. After making some talos, we started to dance typical dances from all the country and in that moment we all agree we had the best time. Everyone started dancing with everyone and we didn’t want to leave. It was sad to say goodbye even though we met them the same day. We are going to make a Whatsapp group together.

At night, we did a family night playing movies and gossiping (as always). The reflection we make is that language is not a problem to make more friends and we are super happy enjoying this experience.

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