Ladies and Lords of the 7 Kingdoms today we have had the great honor to visit San Juan de Gaztelugatxe. Our ladies and lords had climbed bravely the way to the top and back. Looking for good luck, we’d fought against the sun, the heat, the thirst, the pain…. to arrive safetly and strong to play the bell of the shrine.

After this hard battle, we needed a rest, a fresly rest. So we decided to go to Bakio and enjoy its beautiful beach. However, our monitors, being so worried about us, decided to make some water games in a park in Bakio. before going to lie down in the sand. We really liked them and enjoy with that fresh water.

At night, we spend a great time in the «Aula Joven» having a picnic, dancing, singing and playing differents games. We were so excited, it was our last night in Portugalete all together before going to France. Everybody was so nervous and trying to seize time, we didn’t want to separete.

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