Today we are going to meet another exchange formed by french, italian and english people in Ouistreham. Eve took us in her van to there in four trips because we only fit 8 in each travel.

While we were wainting the other group we were playing board games in the centre of the associacion of Eve. When they arrived we made some groups to prepare some questions to an imigran asociation called «CAMO».

We had a talk with the resposables of that association and it was incredible, they really help migrant people to have a life and improve its selfs. We are so pleased to meet you, thank you for your time.

In the afternoon we went to the beach all together. However the sea was really cold we had a nice time swimming and playing in the beach. After that, we went to visit the town, that was really nice.

To sum up: it was an incredible day and we met really nice people. It was PERFECT!!!

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